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Are you ready to play RAGE? Ok, let’s get started. Just pick from 3 choices that have been researched and checked and checked again. We have spent years finding out who has the best service at the best prices. Now we are here to share it with you. Find out about DDOS, Contracts, Slot Price, secret discounts and more for RAGE. Once you make your choice, you’ll be playing in minutes. No need to take a chance and make the wrong decision. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a RAGE Game Server for you. In addition, the RAGE Game Server Comparison is 100% independent and transparent, so you are sure to find the best game server for your requirements. Rent a discounted RAGE server from the comparison chart and play together with your friends on your own server right away.

Only the best RAGE Multiplayer game servers offer a unique gaming experience:

  • GameserverCheck24 der kostenlose Vergleich für Server und Webhosting!

  • Customer rating:by TrustpilotCustomer rating:
  • Preis je Slot*:*im MonatPreis je Slot*:
  • Slots:Slots:
  • Minimum term:Minimum term:
  • Server Locations:Server Locations:
  • Prepaid / Contract:Prepaid / Contract:
  • DDOS-Protection & Instant Setup:DDOS-Protection & Instant Setup:
  • Gutschein / Rabatt:Gutschein / Rabatt:

  • Customer rating:3.7 von 5.0
  • Preis je Slot*:ab 0,13 €
  • Slots:60 bis 1000 Slots
  • Minimum term:30 Tage
  • Server Locations:23
  • Prepaid / Contract: /
  • DDOS-Protection & Instant Setup: /
  • Gutschein / Rabatt: /

  • Customer rating:4.7 von 5.0
  • Preis je Slot*:ab 0,05 €
  • Slots:100 bis 1000 Slots
  • Minimum term:7 Tage
  • Server Locations:5
  • Prepaid / Contract: /
  • DDOS-Protection & Instant Setup: /
  • Gutschein / Rabatt:20% dauerhaft auf alle Server!: Gutschein-Code: sk24th-a-2101 /

  • Customer rating:4.2 von 5.0
  • Preis je Slot*:ab 0,22 €
  • Slots:30 Slots
  • Minimum term:30 Tage
  • Server Locations:2
  • Prepaid / Contract: /
  • DDOS-Protection & Instant Setup: /
  • Gutschein / Rabatt: /

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RAGE Multiplayer Server Test & Price Comparison!One great thing you’ll notice about our game servers is, you can switch between games with very little time and effort. Check out the price per slot comparison. Play the new game together with your friends after a few seconds because you get RAM and slots updated at no extra cost. Every few minutes there will be a search for current updates for the game, and if a new update for RAGE is available, we will inform you right away. This free web interface helps you update your game server simply and easily. You can find the best RAGE Game Servers quickly and easily at GameserverCheck24. Make your choice and you’ll be convinced you came to the right place. Get into action right now and get your excellent game server at an excellent price.

How can I find the best deal on a RAGE Game Server?

As you noticed, there is a gigantic selection of game server hosters in the world, but which ones are good and which ones should we stay away from? Don’t spend hours comparing prices per slot or memory or security features. We’ve had a group of experts do that already. We’ve also asked them to evaluate hardware, the web interface, DDoS protection, and contract duration. Yes, our RAGE Server experts have taken care of all this for you. After that research, we are able to recommend the winner as host for your RAGE Server. Because the test winner had the best price-performance ratio result, they therefore might also be your first choice. Go ahead and decide now on a prepaid RAGE Server and let the fun begin. It’s the best value of all the tested hosts for RAGE Server. Have we convinced you? The Game Server is online and ready. Just simply order your RAGE Gameserver now and begin the fun!

How much will my RAGE Server cost per month?

To answer this question, we need to look at 2 things: 1) hosting provider and 2) the server configuration you decide on. Certain factors like the number of slots, more RAM, the server type (private or public), if you need FastDownload, your MySQL database, also branding and the rental period will matter. Don’t forget that almost every Game Server Host will offer monthly discounts of about 20% more or less. And, finally, if you are still thinking about how many months you need to rent a server, consider that a minimum of 3 to 6 months will help you get a lower price.

How long am I required to rent a RAGE server?

Considering that game server hosting providers prefer the duration to be at least 30 days, think this through. The general rule is: When you rent a server for longer, it will be less expensive. You can sometimes get discounts of up to 20% and more are possible. Some people are able to even get 25% off. If you plan carefully, you can combine overall discounts and promotions with the monthly discounts. So, if you can play a lot with friends or in clans, you will appreciate a better deal. Always remember that many game server hosting providers only offer these special deals to new customers. In fact, the best deals go to the new sign-ups. Because of this, try to pick the longest reasonable rental period for your RAGE Server.

Is my RAGE Server available online 24/7?

It will not matter which hosting provider you have chosen for yourself, you can count on that game server to be up and running. Your game world is going to be online. Some people think that if they have switched off their computer or their game console that their RAGE game will not be available. Not true. Even in case there are no players on the server at a given time, the server is up and running and ready for play. One great thing about this is that friends and your group members or even various other players will still be able to access your RAGE Gameserver any time they want. But, keep in mind that you will always be in control as the renter of the server . Who plays and when they play will be your choice.

Can I change the game from my RAGE game?

Game changing is common and the Server Hosts expect it. Different providers handle this in different ways. Some will do it for free and others will charge a small one-time fee. While you are doing this, you can change the number of slots if you like and also change the amount of RAM. So it is possible that you’ll have more or less slots or and/or more or less RAM after the game change. In this case, it doesn’t help to rent a cheap game and then change to an expensive one in order to save money. It is advised that you choose our “Test Winner” and be sure you get a great deal for your money right at the start.

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